Octeris creates value for you. In different business areas. Through methods. And technology.

Methods and technology in symbiosis.

Conveying proven methods through consulting.

Value through methods

At Octeris, we are generalists specialized in analyzing complex situations and thinking out of the box to find surprisingly simple solutions. Whether it's shaping new processes or solutions, optimizing organizations and incentive models, assessing or challenging existing solutions, or attracting, selecting and retaining top talent: we are here to create value for you.


We put our decade-long experience in recruiting, education and finance at your disposal. Whether you need us to challenge your existing approach, help your organization improve or come up with new ideas, we are happy to help! Read on→


Octeris is founded on our passion for software engineering. And because we love creating great software, we want to share our passion for it with others as well. Whether it's about analyzing a company to acquire, improving processes or your product itself, we would enjoy getting involved! Read on→


Our company is digital to its core. And we're interested in seeing how we can help your company innovatively serve your customers via digital channels, automate its processes and generally transform to be a better citizen in a digital world. Read on→

Turning proven methods into software to create leverage.

Value through technology

From time to time it happens that we help different customers to solve the same problem. Or we help the same customer address similar challenges in different areas. Whenever that happens, we look for ways to automate a process – to create repeatability and scalability. We take our proven methods and turn them into high quality software that excites its users.


KnackMatcher was created because we saw too many good candidates being turned away for the wrong reasons (full disclosure: it may have happened to ourselves at some point in time). We realized that basing a decision to interview on CVs is not much better than throwing a coin. So we decided to change the recruiting process altogether. KnackMatcher is the result. Read on→


But there was a second problem: while candiates do in fact love to be challenged (realizing that if they succeed, they will work with colleagues who passed the high bar as well), our process initially took longer than at other companies. And some great candidates dropped out of the process because we didn't keep them engaged. KnackEngager makes sure candidates get more and more interested in your company as the process goes on! Read on→


Most companies have an applicant tracking system in place. And if you do, we'll integrate nicely with it. But if you don't, there's KnackTracker to the rescue. Read on→


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