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Founding Partner & Co-CEO

Chris is an entrepreneurial leader with an exceptionally analytical mind, a quick grasp of business processes and strong technical skills. He is excellent at managing complexity and illustrating intricate contexts concisely, allowing him to convey concept and method skills effectively.


He is passionate about optimizing organizations, aligning incentives, and making recruiting better for both companies and candidates. Since 2004, he has been identifying, attracting and retaining exceptional talent to shape highly effective teams. He has set up and turned around different local and nearshore teams.


A keen technologist, Chris has been a software and systems architect for most of his career; he gained profound experience designing and engineering banking software. He has been promoting model driven software engineering and very often sees possibilities to greatly increase productivity through code generation. Transforming teams to work with agile methods has added to the results delivered.


Chris holds an MSc from ETH and an MBA from INSEAD. He speaks both German and English on native level, is fluent in French and can get by in Spanish.

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Founding Partner & Co-CEO

Michael is an extraordinarily structured problem solver with a knack for finding simple solutions to complex challenges. His immense drive to get the best results for customers is enabled by a keen eye for important detail and a constant striving for quality.


In his career since 2003, Michael has achieved an impressive track record in successfully creating large enterprise software solutions and in digital transformation projects across industries, from creating business and solution concepts to implementing modern web and mobile applications. With a keen interest in information security, Michael has gained in-depth experience in cyber security and cryptography.


As a manager of different software engineering teams, Michael looks back on many years of hiring, mentoring and organizing talented people in agile teams, both locally and in virtual teams. He is a caring and inspiring leader dedicated to developing others. His clear and open communication style has proven very motivating and has helped deliver great results even in adverse situations.


Michael holds an MSc and an MAS from ETH. He speaks German native level and is fluent in English.

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President of the Board

Hubert's defining characteristics are his calm and level-headed manner which combined with his great sense of humour makes him a very pleasant to work with. He is always straight forward in his dealings and knows to convey difficult specialist matters with simple words while always making sure his statements are well-founded and thoroughly researched.


With his deep knowledge of corporate governance and his broad legal know-how, Hubert assures that Octeris always follows best practices in corporate housekeeping. His support in contracting is invaluable - both for Octeris and its clients. His experience in Mergers & Acquisitions is of great added value.


Hubert holds a doctorate from the University of Neuchâtel, a master's degree from the University of Lausanne and is a member of the bar of the Canton of St. Gallen. He is fluent in German, English and French.

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