Octeris creates value for you. In different business domains.

We gladly share our domain expertise.

Attract, recruit and retain.

Value through human resources

Are you losing the "war for talent"? Octeris can help you make sure your HR marketing "battle plan" leads to victory. Gather the troops, we need to press on!


Are you looking to assess applicants for technical roles? From establishing branch offices, setting up and growing teams and standardizing selection processes across business units, we have experience interviewing hundreds of candidates for different roles such as team / project manager, software engineer, business analyst, technical writer or technical / business consultant. Let us mentor your subject matter experts to make sure they ask the right questions and judge candidates' answers correctly. Or simply have us to assess your candidates.


Are you struggling to retain your most talented employees? As outside experts, we often see that we get more open answers to the burning questions why people leave – or have left. We also have decade-long experience designing incentive models for technical staff (hint: it's usually not about money). It's often the little things that matter!

Things change. Stay up to date!

Value through education

Whether it's about new regulations, technological advances or continuous improvement, there's always need to learn. We help you structure your approach to education, turn information into courses and teach selected subjects ourselves.


If you have staff outside headquarters, you will certainly have thought about online training. Setting up a good learning environment is a first step to bringing learning resources to your staff around the world. We have experience creating engaging online courses and can help you get it right from the start!

Financial technology. Digital channels.

Value through financial technology

With more than 25 years combined experience in digital technology and finance, our founders know what it takes for financial service providers to be successful in today's digital world. We can digitalize your channels – but "me too" doesn't cut it today. Let us help you excite your customers; while keeping their data secure!


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