KnackSuite creates value for you. Through candidate selection. And engagement. And tracking.

KnackSuite integrates candidate selection, tracking, and engagement.

KnackMatcher removes bias from assessments.

Value through selection

Attracting talent is hard. Selecting the right talent is much harder. KnackMatcher removes bias from the selection process, making sure you don't rule out the perfect candidate before you even get to meet them.


Candidates start their journey by going through an assessment which gives companies information about their fit with company values and their score regarding relevant skills. Companies choose which exact skills to evaluate in three categories: transferable skills (which are useful almost regardless of the role like e.g. communication skills), concept skills (which cover how well a candidate understands a business area; an example might be game theory) and method skills (can they actually do it? For a programmer, this could be: can they actually write an efficient program).


Interviewers get pertinent information to help structure their encounter with candidates. Intuitive dashboards give companies the information they require to further improve their attractiveness to candidates.

KnackEngager increases candidates' interest.

Value through engagement

In today's "war for talent", it's not simply about selecting the right applicant. Someone is interested in working for your company? Great!


Now it's imperative that while you find out whether they are a match, their attraction to your company grows. Don't make them wait. Make them feel part of the team already! And when they decide for your company and you hire them, why stop there? Use KnackEngager to efficiently manage their onboarding!


KnackEngager makes it easy and effective to spread the love.

KnackTracker keeps you in control.

Value through tracking

There are many applicant tracking systems out there. And many of them are good. KnackTracker integrates with KnackMatcher and KnackEngager to give you full control of your processes.


Make sure you spend your time where it creates the most value. Manage your candidate referral channels effectively. Most importantly, make sure candidates are never kept waiting!


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